Vinyl represses coming!

The demand for the vinyl editions of our albums, Life’s Road and Understand The World, has been really big and we’re very close to be sold out on both of them. However, if you haven’t gotten your hands on one yet, good news: in co-operation with Clear Spot, there are right now represses in the works for both these albums!

These new vinyls will be ready in just a few weeks. BUT they will be on black vinyl, all of them. In other words, if you prefer the coloured edition you have to hurry up and get one from us before they are sold out. (To order, send a mail to telling us what you’d like and we’ll take it from there.) If you got the coloured edition already – congrats for owning a rarity.

We’re of course highly grateful for the support from everyone buying our records – thanks a lot!


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