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Rockblog Bluesspot – Life’s Road

And once again, the same old story from my keyboard: Hats off for these vinyl sounds from Sweden in 2011. Three Seasons are Sartez Faraj on guitar, Olle Risberg on bass and Christian Eriksson on battery. The guest musicians, who grants this magnifical double LP extra stamp of quality, are: Mattias Risberg – hammond, melotron and synths, Thomas Lindberg – dobro and bouzoki, Magnus Holmström – violin, and Sanna Hodell – flute. And on eight of nine tracks rings this very special, brightly rugged and clarion 70’s rock voice. It belongs to Sartez and is comparable to the voice of Joakim Nilsson, from Graveyard. So what do these swedes do to our ears? A breath of 70’s rock which automatically makes the hair grow down to the collar bones. Influnces are heard from American Woman, through Black Night and White Rabbit to Woodstock, Free and Humble Pie. Blues, folk music, hard rock, prog and psychedelica are arranged pithily nostalgically, without sounding old and passé, and brings forth rivers of tears of joy in the eyes of music consumers and loudspeakers. An Endless Delusion, the only instrumental song on the album, is in no way a self-delusion by the band. Playful and sharp guitar sounds, driving and pleasureful hammond, beautifully united flute tones, Swedish folk rock at its best. Each To Their Own and Since Our First Day are hymns, rather undescribable. Or: fantastic! Cold To The Bone is a hard funk song, Down To The Bottom howls and riffs itself to the highest of heights. And as a phenomenal finish is the title track, a pure orgy of organ, a smoking hot guitar-trip straight into eternity. Not bad for a debut!

Musical Musings and Opinions – Life’s Road

Swedish trio THREE SEASONS was formed not too long ago, consisting of members from Siena Root and Mouth of Clay. Life’s Road is their debut album, and was released on Swedish label Transubstans Records in February 2011.

The band themselves describe their music as “in a 70’s kind of mood, heavy blues rock is mixed up with more jam-oriented, experimental and psychedelic parts…”, which is a good as description as any. As one wanders through this production a plethora of names will pop up, and the better you know your harder edged and psychedelic rock of the 70’s the more of them there will be. Black Sabbath, Mountain, Led Zeppelin, Robin Trower and to some extent good old Pink Floyd are strong candidates as far as sound and possible influences go, others might pull up a totally different set of names. The most important part of it is that these guys doesn’t sound like they are copying or replicating specific sounds or bands. They manage to sound fresh and new, despite sporting a distinctly retro-oriented expression firmly rooted in the early 70’s.

Guitar and organ combinations are used extensively throughout, be it as lighter-toned, reverberating heavy psych riffs combining with the pipes or as heavier-set riffs and organ in majestic constellations closer to Deep Purple or even Atomic Rooster in expression. Occasionally the keys will be out of the picture in part or in whole while the band takes a scorching run through territories closer to Mountain’s spirited brand of hard rock or the slower, thundering vintage stoner rock of Tony Iommi and his compatriots, and on one occasion we’re even treated to a gritty and elongated jazz-laden improvisation. Gentler passages closing in on the pastoral sporting violin and flute details combined with gentle vocals and light wandering guitar is another part of this trio’s repertoire, and if I’m not much mistaken those who love the Mellotron will find the odd theme here and there where this vintage instrument is preferred over the organ or the occasional vintage keyboard textures. With twists and turns aplenty, to the point of inspiring a touch of vertigo at times, but always excellently and compellingly performed. Flow and momentum are upheld quite nicely, and the compositions have a strong nerve throughout.

“LIfe’s Road” is a veritable smorgasbord for those who love harder edged rock of the early 70’s variety, the happiest marriage of heavy prog and heavy psych I’ve encountered in quite some time. Sophisticated, rather innovative and most certainly with a fair few moment of originality. And as such, a highly recommended production for anyone with an affection for music of this kind that initially gained popularity some 40 years ago.

My rating: 87/100

Sweden Rock Magazine – Life’s Road

Bands being influenced by Deep Purple isn’t uncommon. And as hard as it is to criticize a band for good taste, as hard is it also to raise the glass in a toast for another band under this influence. But the Swedish group Three Seasons takes it to another level.

Through staggering steps in Swedish bands like Siena Root and Mouth of Clay, the vocalist and guitarist Sartez Faraj has now taken a large step forward in the new creation Three Seasons. Here is some psychedelic groovy hard rock which includes Blackmore without forgetting Tommy Bolin, and of course a bit of Jimi Hendrix, lovely fat hammond organ, and they also dare to be inspired of folk music as well as improvisational jazz. This mix could have anyone turn up their nose, but here is a well elaborated plan which is impressing.

Three Seasons knows what they’re doing and have created an exciting sound collage, which in so many other cases would only be considered as straggling.

Rating: 6

Metal Perspective – Life’s Road

Life’s Road is the debut album from ex Siena Root frontman Sartez Faraj’s new outfit Three Seasons and basically if you like big riffs that sound like they belong in the seventies, then this is going to be right up your street. The production adds an air of retro authenticity, which along with the slightly fuzzy vocals from Sartez make for a real blast from the past, but in a way that isn’t derivate, instead being a joy to completely immerse yourself in. Olle Risberg handles big throbbing bass duties, while Christian Eriksson thumps the drums, with Sartez also handling the guitar. Add to that some thick, syrupy keyboards from guest musician Mattias Risberg and you really have the perfect mix for an album that can be all bluesy and Free like one minute and psychedelic and early Floyd like the next. Also in the mix are elements of Mountain, Led Zep, Hendrix and even a tinsy dash of Santana, especially in the guitar workout moments. This is an assured and classy debut album that nods at the past with a reverential respect, but also manages to look forward with energetic optimism. Very classy indeed.

Rating: 8,5/10

MLWZ – Life’s Road

This album is for those who likes the same kind of psychedelic music as found in stoner rock. The record may not be as progressive, but is of high class and contains 9 fine creations.

The group Three Seasons consists of: a former singer in the group Siena Root, Sartez, who sings and plays guitars, Olle who plays the bass and Christian who plays the drums. Even though the trio’s sound is modern to the highest degree, when I listen to the music I feel an inevitable desire to say that the music reminds of the work of Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Free and Gov’t Mule. The reason for these comparisons is that songs like Too many choices, Cold to the bone and Down to the bottom are rock songs strongy coloured of blues, and their longer compositions: An Endless Delusion, Each to their own, Since our first day, and the title track Life’s Road, testifies of the musical maturity and the classic ideas about the compositions in all the bandmembers.

In the last mentioned compisition, which closes the track, you can first and foremost hear a synthesizer which brings your thoughts to the earlist Pink Floyd creations. Psychedelic rock is mixed with rhythm and blues, and the most important thing with groups like Three Seasons is the raw sound, which gives back the belief that the knowledge and interest exists in young rock creators. The music by the three Swedes fills on with sanguinity. Using simple methods and not that complicated instruments, the listener is taken to an atmosphere of classic rock on a very high level, in a both succesfull and terrific way.

Prog Sphere – Life’s Road

Three Seasons‘ Life’s Road is a new album out this year from the Swedish label Transubstans Records. This label is certainly one of my favorites at the moment. Three Seasons is a trio that consists of Sartez Faraj on vocals and guitars, Olle Risberg on bass and Christian Eriksson on drums. Well-informed fans of 70’s hard/psyche rock will notice here the name Sartez Faraj who used to sing in Siena Root.

But let’s return to Three Seasons – the thing that confused me here is that Transubstans labeled them as stoner/doom metal, and to be honest, I do not hear any doom metal here. I don’t hear metal at all, but there certainly are bits of stoner here and there. So, what we’ve got here is a hard/blues rock with a pinch of psychedelia and prog. The inspiring guitar solos, interesting rhythm section and always beautiful Hammonds, together with Sartez’ characteristic voice build up the image of Life’s Road.

As I love to describe someone’s music by looking for possible influences that can be heard, let me tell you what Three Seasons makes me think of:

•The Hammond organs of Deep Purple’s Jon Lord;

• Jimmy Page & Jimi Hendrix’ guitars;

• Gov’t Mule’s blues;

• Pink Floyd’s melodiousness;

• Siena Root, Graveyard, Witchcraft’s contemporaneity.

Naturally I’m not saying Three Seasons’ music is unoriginal. This trio has succeeded in blending many disparate elements while still making it their own. Three tracks out of nine end up going over ten minutes and these three (Each to Their Own, An Endless Delusion & Since Our First Day) show off the band’s full potential. There are more influences, of course. One may hear a bit of jazz at particular moments on the album, or folksy stuff, and lots of classic rock, but all together it forms the sound of Three Seasons.

Cosmic Lava – Life’s Road

Those who believe that Sartez, who was the singer for Siena Root for a certain amount of time, vanished into thin air will be set right, because ‘Life’s Road’ is the debut album of his new band THREE SEASONS. Just like Siena Root, THREE SEASONS have settled comfortably in the very early 1970’s. Thereby, they try, to a great extent successfully, to achieve the best possible authenticity. As such, it would come as no surprise if this album would have been released in 1972. It goes without saying that a lot of legendary rock bands went through my head when I listened to ‘Life’s Road’ for the first time. This begins with Cream and does not end at all with The Jimi Hendrix Experience and early Santana. But this also goes to show that this album is multi-layered and complex in places.

Their songs are not limited to the blues-based heavy rock but also include a bit of funk rock, 1960’s psychedelia or latin rock. Tradition is more important here than musical renovation and it’s obvious that this three Swedish guys see themselves as preservers and not as revivers. I have no problem with that, so long as the musical workmanship is at least as good as here. Sartez shows that he’s also a talented guitarist, although I must admit that I never was a huge fan of him as a vocalist. This slightly dramatic touch in his style tends to be the enemy of the good. At least, for my taste. In contrast, I particularly like the moments where THREE SEASONS start to focus on jamming. ‘Each to their Own’ is a perfect example for this where they’ve integrated a jazzy middle section which fits perfectly into the flow. This is one of the three more epic tracks where the band also showcases its musical stamina.

But there are also some hard rockin’ cuts, in which a hammond organ is used. And even though I immediately think of Deep Purple and Uriah Heep, the funk infected rhythm of the opener ‘Too Many Choices’ or ‘Feel Alive’ shall ensure that this similarity is of only short duration. Another striking feature is the rich instrumentation. A couple of guest musicians were invited to the recording session and when necessary, the songs contain for example acoustic guitars, sitar or a mellotron. This results in a very atmospheric album that has also a convincing emotional depth. THREE SEASONS deserves to be discovered by all those who cannot get enough of 1970’s rock. ‘Life’s Road’ is a very good start and I wouldn’t be surprised if they appear at one of the forthcoming Burg Herzberg festivals.

Metal Army America – Life’s Road

There’s just something special about Swedish bands which places them head and shoulders above so many of their stylistic contemporaries, regardless of homeland.

This line of thinking isn’t limited to only extreme metal either; it applies to the more classic, psychedelic end of the rock spectrum, as well.

Three Seasons is just one such band; the new project from ex-Siena Root singer Sartez which totally rocks the party AND the body with its capable mastery of everything groove-a-licious and riff-tastic.

Taking influence from every classic rock playbook in existence, the band’s Life’s Road debut is a hard-rollin’ amalgamation of bluesy swagger and psych-stomp, without ever really drinking too deeply from that fountain of plagiarist misinformation to be considered ‘unoriginal.’

If anything, Three Seasons presents a glorious affirmation of their influences and takes it whole hog into their sound, bringing together elements of jam, blue-rock, proto-metal and psych into one nicely wrapped package of swinging rhythms, hard rock riffs and salacious, sexy songwriting power.

Although the band’s influences range from Jimi Hendrix, Mountain, Zeppelin, Sabbath, Deep Purple, Govt. Mule and Santana, Three Seasons tread their own path with enough confidence to supercede the also-rans and make a firm, memorable statement of their own here on Life’s Road.

Well done indeed, lads.

Rating: A

Written by MetalGeorge

Ovella Negra Rock – Life’s Road

Accustomed visitors on our site are familiar with ONR’s fancy for swedish bands. Not because we favour them or recieve payment (luckily), but because everything from there, especially from the alternative label Transubstans Records and distributor Record Heaven, has outstanding quality. We went there to do some research about this high class, and it was not in vain. Every new Swedish band that is found always strengthens our impression that what is created there is something very beautiful. You have all heard about the Gothenburg-sound and it’s melodic death metal, but contrary to this style with it’s many details and large post-production, there is a new scene coming up focusing on a dirtier sound with reminiscents of the seventies: Crystal Caravan, The Brimstone Days, Marulk… Well, now we have to add another name to the list: Three Seasons, with their debut Life’s Road.

In the note coming with the record, the style was defined as Stoner / Doom Metal. However, the press release mention influences from bands such as Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and The Doors and I could sense that this would go in a completely different direction from the first mentioned styles. And from the first second of the record and the song ”Too Many Choices”, we got a CD which mixes all these influences with well enough interpretion and technical quality.

Totally nine songs (and no, it’s not a short record, this is Progressive Rock we speak of…) going through many different musical landscapes, from them close to Heavy Classic (Moving On) to acoustic (beginning of Since Our First Day) past fatter rock (previously mentioned ”Too Many Choices”) to the acid-like, funkadelic (”Feel Alive”), pure folk-prog (”An Endless Delusion”) and even Jazz (jamming over the theme in ”Each To Their Own”). Furthermore, everything is recorded with a direct sound, just as it is and with almost no post-production. Together with the vocals and choir, the record is formed by the four instruments guitar, bass, keyboards and drums.

Like you can see, and I really hope you’ll listen (we’ve actully included some of these songs in this month’s Spotify-list), this is a caleiodoscope of impressions which should be listened to relaxed on the couch (with some narcotics, if you want) and be taken away on this road of life, carried by Three Seasons.


Métal Intégral – Life’s Road

Back to the future!

I sometimes feel I repeat myself about the Scandinavian countries and especially Sweden.
I don’t know what’s going on in that country where so many inspired and talented musicians every year delives such phenomenal albums!
That is the case with this new trio, Sartez Faraj, guitar and vocals, Olle Risberg, bass, and Christian Eriksson, drums, whose first opus Life’s Road arouses my admiration!
Surely nothing new stylewise, but what class!
Fans of the 70s will really enjoy this dainty!
64 minutes of pure happiness where the soul and spirit from LED ZEPPELIN, PINK FLOYD, JIMI HENDRIX, SANTANA, MOUNTAIN, FREE, THE DOORS, KANSAS are mixed in, and I’d like to say “etcetera”.
‘Cause yes, there are reminiscenses from further constellations in the psychedelia-genre, but I believe I’ve mentioned the most important.
And, looking at the age of the musicians it’s hard not to wonder whether these blokes have reincarnated or if their parents loudly listened to these artists all day long, the music brought in through the feeding bottle at their early ages.
Anyhow, not a weakness in this album, 64 intense and passionate minutes where I relish all the finesse and refinment! The bass is well put forward and the intelligent compositions are impressing!
To put it short, you should have guessed it already – this 2011 debut album goes straight into the heart!
And the music is settled in your ears, making you feel the scent of Woodstock, the warmth of a tube amp…


The Soda Shop – Life’s Road

What do we have here? A new Swedish band called Three Seasons. Lookie, listen.
They have a 70′s retro blues sound going. Very similar to what bands like Graveyard, Siena Root and Brutus have going. It’s full of long and short classic rock although it can also be described as stoner/doom, there really isn’t much doom to it. Doomheads would like it though.
“Each To Their Own” is a very nice jam track. It comes in at a blistering 11:06 long. There are two other tracks that are over 10 minutes long, “An Endless Delusion”, which has a bit of Jethro Tull sound and “Since Our First Day”.
This is an enjoyable album coming in at a massive 65 minutes long. Ten times through and going strong on the playlist here. The album was just released by Transubstans Records. Get yours now!

Kulturbloggen – Life’s Road

This is good! Really good! This is 70’s-influenced rock at it’s best, early 70’s including hammond organ. Blues-based rock, but compared to other 70’s-style rockers of today there is more digression going on, which then again fits the old style well. There are such large amount of 70’s references, it’s no point lining up specific groups.
The record starts with some funky blues songs and then drifts off in various directions: a little folk, touches of jazz, a little jam, a varied but still peculiarly consistant album! And indeed, with three songs over 10 minutes there’s room for some progressive, psychedelic digressions and a some jam when fitting.

Although this album can be listened to many times, one hopes more is coming!


Sea of Tranquility – Life’s Road

No label does a better job these days of delivering retro, 70’s styled heavy rock & proto prog than Sweden’s Transubstans Records/Record Heaven, and one of their latest releases comes from the trio known as Three Seasons. The band is comprised of former Sienna Root guitarist/singer Sartez, bassist Olle, and drummer Christian. From the opening notes of the heavy rock ‘n’ funk of “Too Many Choices”, it’s pretty clear that Three Seasons has a thing for MKIII era Deep Purple. Listen along to the rest of Life’s Road, and with those clear Deep Purple influences you’ll also hear a little Cream, Pink Floyd, Mountain, and even Govt Mule.

Sartez sounds like a cross between Glenn Hughes and Jack Bruce, easily heard on the bluesy stomp of “Cold to the Bone”, and his distorted riffs & solos on “Down to the Bottom” recall the late, great Paul Kossoff. The epic 11-minute “Each To Their Own” provides the CDs proggy centerpiece, complete with swirling organ, layers of guitars, and powerful vocals. Some sizzling guitar and Hammond exchanges here which remind of vintage Deep Purple and even the Allman Brothers Band. You’ll be taken back to Stormbringer on the down & dirty heavy rock/funk of “Feel Alive”, a real groovy number with some fantastic wah-wah licks from Sartez, and the other lengthy epic “An Endless Delusion” is pure psychedelia, prog, and folk, complete with 70’s styled keyboards, acoustic guitar, and ripping electric lead guitar. The second half of this piece reminded me a bit of early Kansas with its heavy guitar riffs and tasty organ passages. “Since Our First Day” is lumbering heavy rock in the tradition of Mountain or Grand Funk Railroad, and another treat for lovers of wah-wah guitar solos, while “Moving On” again lets the Deep Purple influence come to the forefront. Mellotron, Hammond, and litling guitar chords support some passionate vocals on the moody title track, which closes out this very enjoyable old school styled record.

To be honest, you either love this sort of ‘trip down memory lane’ or you don’t. Personally, I dig bands that can hone in on these vintage late 60’s & early 70’s styles and sounds so effectively, and create memorable, enjoyable songs in the process. Two thumbs up for Three Seasons and Life’s Road, a CD I can easily recommend to retro lovers of all ages.


Artrock – Life’s Road

Next band to surf on the Swedish wave of Retro Rock is Three Seasons, a trio of guys fronted by ex-Siena Root vocalist Sartez. On record, this band is an expceptionally tight piece of music, getting energy from the 70’s rocking greats such as Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin, but they are also not afraid to challenge the listener with influences from more free-thinking groups like Gov’t Mule and The Doors. Not entirely unlike their fellow countrymen in Graveyard or Horisont, Three Seasons charges and offers down-to-earth and groovy riff-rock but are also constantly digressing into drifty and somewhat psychedelic jam parts. The jam feeling is always there, very reminiscent of when Deep Purple lets the music run loose. This is at the risk of a little too much sprawling but Three Seasons are probably thinking that freedom under responsibility is something to aim for and thus almost always manages to tie it all up.

The trio take their time to show their compositions and three of the songs spins past the ten minute mark. All members gets to show their skills and the teamwork between them all is , as previously stated, irreproachable. Unfortunately the longer creations doesn’t have quite enough behind them to be leading and stable in the long run, however they do hold the happiness of a discoverer. I think the four to six minutes-tracks are more hold together and also shows off both stronger riffs aswell as more memorable melodies.

Melodies, I could have wanted a bit more of – especially during the band’s jam sessions since these can get somewhat similar after a while. Had the band got themselves together and cut of a few of the records sixty-five minutes while similtaneously giving the catchy riffs a little more space, this would probably have been a jackpot. But who am I to complain – Life’s Road may not be dancable but after all offers a highly enjoyable listen for those who likes this crude, jammy 70’s rock. On stage, this could probably get both one and two steps further on the scale.


Writing About Music – Life’s Road

This is the new band from Sartez, former singer in Siena Root and Mouth of Clay. I love both of these bands so I was very excited to hear this record. How Transubstans decided to call this Stoner-Doom metal has completely lost me, as this is totally classic 70s rock with bands like Govt Mule, FREE, Siena Root, Led Zeppelin much more the roots of this sound, with strong guitar, organ and vocals. The record starts off with Too many Choices, a song that closely resembles old Siena Root. Cold to the Bone is a more bluesy foot stomping track with some nice organ. Each to their Own is a fantastic 11 min song with some great guitar and organ interaction (a blues jam!). Feel Alive is another track with a great riff and groove, killer vocals and some excellent guitar. An endless Delusion is another really excellent track with harmonica, cool organ and a great guitar riff. Since our first Day starts slowly with some nice bluesy guitar and the bass slowly comes in as does the vocals as the track builds up. Life’s Road is another amazing track with such great dynamics. Fans of Siena Root, especially the album, Far from the Sun, will want to explore this release. I just found out this will be out on double vinyl soon on Clear Spot.

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