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  1. Just discovered your music after moving from Cambodia to Texas. You guys f*cking rock! Love your music…thanks so much for your effort and passion. Rock On!

  2. Yesterday I was in Olsberg and saw the gig. It was a pretty good gig as opener for this Festival. I think Three Seasons were in top form and I am glad to see them. But I want to see you longer, so I will see you at the Woodstock Festival! Thanks for a nice evening…..Mario

  3. Hello,

    i had my first encounter with your music yesterday (28.march 2015) when you played in Olsberg. It ended up with me buying the 3 LP´s and the 7″ at your merch-stand.
    See you next Saturday in Oberhausen!

  4. Hey people!
    I saw you last night in Zaragoza. Another incredible show, just like the one you did a year ago, or even better!! I hope to see you again soon.
    Best wishes.

  5. Hej Three Seasons, vilken skön plattan som ni släppte ut. Hammondmattan, trummor, sang och gitarrspel är verkligen jättebra. Hälsningar fran Tyskland JENS PS: Sverige är fantastisk!!!!

  6. hearing lifes road for first time tonight with a beer. great stuff. looking forward to the new album already. Mike, Dublin.

  7. Ville bara säga att ni va så satans bra igår på Ingbofestivalen så det är hel sjukt!!!bästa bandet utan tvekan!tack som faaan.

  8. Hey! Here is Felipe from Brazil! I just gave a listen to your album and I think it is fantastic, guys!! You rule!!

  9. Herre min gud, vilken bra platta…älskar den!!! PATTO, TEMPEST, PURPLE….. som bäst!!!! Den Jazziga grooven är nyckeln till hjärtat!!!!!

  10. Great album!!! “Life’s Road” is one of the best album I’ve heard in the last years. This album distills the best essences of wonderful ’70s!. I’m absolutely captivated for your superb music, really!! You are a great musicians and composers. Congratulations!!

    Tomas Bonilla (From Barcelona, Spain)

  11. Fan va ni är bra!
    Fick hem skivan för en vecka sedan o den blir bättre o bättre för varje gång jag lyssnar!!

    Tack för det.

  12. Greetings from Germany !
    Thanks for this wonderful Record ( Life`s Road ) is very fantastic OldSchooledRockMusic. I hope in the next time comes a DoubleVinylRecord from your First Album.
    Goodbye..and GOD SAVE THE VINYL ..HACKI.

  13. Lifes Road is absolutely brilliant .. some of those organ crunching moments are fantastic.. also love the guitar work..
    all best with the album and whats to come..

  14. Hi,

    got my own life’s road record yesterday damn it rocks!
    sartez you are completely indescribable fantastic musician, that you had an awesome singing voice was not a novelty! but that you play guitar like you do on this album wow amazing!

    any shows coming up?

  15. sartez best siena root singer!!!!too many choices a very great song!!!!!greeting from italy…hope some shows here!!!;)

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