THREE SEASONS have made themselves known as one of the most exciting acts on the psychedelic blues rock scene in recent years. The band’s earlier work has been built on atmospheric melodies, intricate arrangements, and has often included musicians on e.g. Hammond organ and traditional Swedish folk music instruments. Their three albums have been celebrated by fans and media alike, resulting in several sold-out records, top placements on the charts, ecstatic reviews and “Album of the Year” awards.

But although this approach has undeniably been successful, the band is not content just staying the same. Things change, and rather than living on past achievements, the new Three Seasons album is set to provide a renewal of their sound. The music has moved towards that of a hard-hitting, right-in-your-face power trio, and although the influences from the good old days are still clear, they take a whole new shape in the band’s recent work. Sartez Faraj (lead vocals, guitar) and Olle Risberg (bass) have been joined by hugely experienced drummer Thomas Broman (ex. Glenn Hughes, John Norum, Michael Schenker etc.), and the trio is now ready to deliver their fourth album. Between rock solid and dynamic jams, the new sound of Three Seasons is an exciting indication of what’s to come.

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  1. Hey! I live in Colombia too and I love your music, you’re amazing guys!… I’d love to see you someday in my country. Can’t wait for a new album…

  2. Hey, I’ve discovered you recently, and I love your music! I life in Colombia, so it’s really hard to get new bands. But certainly, I enjoy pretty much your playing! Keep it real! *p*

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