2013: A very fine year

Spanish music site “Rock, The Best Music” has compiled a list of the the most noteworthy 70’s-style albums of the current century, and on this list one finds our debut album “Life’s Road”! Their writer Edgar Corleone compliments the album’s “incredible improvisations”, and calls it “a monumental album outside its time”. We are of course very humbled by these great words; a big cheers to Spain!

This treat was a great and very fitting way to end 2013, as it has been a year with many fine moments for Three Seasons. To name a few things: when the year started, our album “Understand The World” reached the 16th spot on the official Swedish charts. And in the summer, the vinyl editions of both our albums had to be re-pressed due to the heavy demand from the market.

utwvinyl1However, the most important part of this year was undoubtedly our long tour in the spring, that went through Europe’s biggest countries. A month on the road, with shows in Germany, Poland and Spain, and a very warm welcome from fans everywhere – it really was a month to remember!

Now we’re preparing for an even greater year the coming 2014. We have a lot of very interesting things in the works and we are looking forward to sharing them with you. Do stay tuned for more info about it!

That is all for now. To round things up, here is a selection of photos from this year, taken by our friends Henning Andersson, Robert Leja, Rock Museum, Chema Perez, Jamie Bailey and Juanpa Veovoces. Enjoy!


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