New reviews on the coming album!

Some of the first opinions on our upcoming record GROW has just arrived…

From Spain comes this great review by Rock The Best Music. They really complement the album and give it a great score of 90/100!

Further, this is another review with some very good words, written by Dutch site New Underground Music. This quote sums up their opinion well:

Grow”, which is full of great hard rock songs, is a worthy successor to “Understand The World” and has become a must of the highest for any lover of this genre.

We tip our hats for these great reviews, and look forward for more to come! Here’s our DROWNING once again, be sure to check it out!

Celebration Days Festival!

In the wait for the new album, here’s some very good news: Three Seasons are coming to France!


Indeed – we have been confirmed for an appearance at the superb Celebration Days Festival! The festival takes place the 14th-16th of August in Cernoy, which is approx. one hour north of Paris.

This will be a great experience for sure, so don’t miss out! Get tickets if you can and we’ll see you there!

Pre-order the new album!

To make sure you get your hands on the album as early as possible, you can already go to Record Heaven and pre-order the CD right away! There is also the possibility to write an e-mail to and book your CDs or vinyls that way.

Here’s our brand new tune DROWNING once again, give it a listen if you haven’t already!

Here are the first sounds from the new album!

Finally, the first song from the upcoming album is now available for streaming! We can proudly show you DROWNING, a real wah-smeared rocker.

However, that’s not the end of it; the artwork for the album is ready as well! This one is created in a co-operation between the band and Linnéa Sidfäldt. As you can see, the album will be titled GROW.

ts-growMore updates on the new record will be coming very shortly – until then, enjoy this latest Three Seasons track (as loudly as possible)!

A new album is coming!

Three Seasons can now gladly announce that a new full-length album is in the works! We’re absolutely looking forward to sharing these sounds with you, as this is going to be a real grand album indeed. More info will be revealed soon, so do stay tuned!


2013: A very fine year

Spanish music site “Rock, The Best Music” has compiled a list of the the most noteworthy 70′s-style albums of the current century, and on this list one finds our debut album “Life’s Road”! Their writer Edgar Corleone compliments the album’s “incredible improvisations”, and calls it “a monumental album outside its time”. We are of course very humbled by these great words; a big cheers to Spain!

This treat was a great and very fitting way to end 2013, as it has been a year with many fine moments for Three Seasons. To name a few things: when the year started, our album “Understand The World” reached the 16th spot on the official Swedish charts. And in the summer, the vinyl editions of both our albums had to be re-pressed due to the heavy demand from the market.

utwvinyl1However, the most important part of this year was undoubtedly our long tour in the spring, that went through Europe’s biggest countries. A month on the road, with shows in Germany, Poland and Spain, and a very warm welcome from fans everywhere – it really was a month to remember!

Now we’re preparing for an even greater year the coming 2014. We have a lot of very interesting things in the works and we are looking forward to sharing them with you. Do stay tuned for more info about it!

That is all for now. To round things up, here is a selection of photos from this year, taken by our friends Henning Andersson, Robert Leja, Rock Museum, Chema Perez, Jamie Bailey and Juanpa Veovoces. Enjoy!


upp2groupupp4upp6upp1IMG_3528editThree Seasons 002-imp

New media

Following our performance at Salafestivalen last weekend, there has surfaced a good amount of pictures and video clips.

There are a couple of great pictures taken by Jamie Bailey Photography, watchable at our Pictures gallery here. Do have a look!

Three Seasons 006-imp

There is also some nice video clips available from the show. Just below is “Searching”, and if you follow its link there are more songs to be found as well.


A big thanks!

Thank you so much, Ingbofestivalen! We had a blast and we’re very happy you came to see us. An extra special thanks goes to great Hammond organist Erik “Errka” Petterson, for joining us on the stage this night.

Now, you should get ready for our show at Salafestivalen 2013 by the end of this month!


And lastly, a reminder that the represses of our vinyl albums, Life’s Road and Understand The World, have arrived and are sounding and looking just as great as the first presses. Get your hands on a copy before it’s too late!