Three Seasons to Getaway Rock Festival!

We’re thrilled to announce that we will be playing at this year’s Getaway Rock Festival! The festival is held 7th-9th of August in Gävle, and it’s without a doubt one of Sweden’s greatest festivals for rock music!

fb_grf_20140708On the poster here are some of the bands that will be playing this year. There will also be bands like Slayer, Volbeat, Opeth, Skid Row and many more… In short, you’ll definitely want to pick out some tickets for this one. This can be done here:

More info about the festival can be found on their website,, or on their Facebook.

A complete schedule should be coming shortly! Stay tuned and we’ll see you there!

The new vinyl has finally arrived!

At last, the much awaited vinyl version of our new album GROW has arrived! These vinyls have been very anticipated, and for good reason – this certainly is the best way to hear this record! IMG_0785As usual, our vinyls are available in two styles – one as a standard black version, and one as a limited coloured edition. The limited edition is transparent blue, mixed with black… An amazing look!IMG_0707 If you’re interested in a record, send an e-mail to and we’ll sort it out! You can also head over to our SHOP page and check out the rest of our merchandise. If you have pre-ordered a copy already, don’t worry – the records are on their way and will be coming to you soon!

IMG_0766So in sum, we really recommend that you hear this album in the analogue format. You should really get your copy before it’s too late!

PS. The album is still doing very good in the charts too. This week it’s #11 in the charts for hard rock! DS.

New album GROW out today!!

Today, the 3rd THREE SEASONS studio album “GROW” is released! The reviews has been great so far and we have had many pre-orders, and we’re happy to get the record out to you at last! Again, you can get it on either CD or vinyl by contacting us at

One of the latest reviews is this Swedish one from, it’s a very good review with a score of 9/10! Have a look!

We have also recieved this review from the Spanish magazine Solo Rock, and it has the even better score of 10/10!! You should check out this one too – it’s at page 45 in their online magazine.

For the finale, then, here’s our rocker DROWNING once again! Stay tuned, as more reviews and such on our album will be coming in!

More reviews on GROW

Reviews keep coming in on the new album; here’s a bunch of very good ones! Have a look!

First, we have this long and really thorough review in Polish from, that gives the album the score of 90/100! And further, there’s also a very enjoyable review from the Spanish site Subterraneo Heavy. Lastly, the neat music site Ride With The Devil also gives us some very kind words; here’s the ending passage.

“You can head on over to Record Heaven and pre-order the CD, then you’ll be the first kid on your block with the new Three Seasons album, which is set to be come a top album of the year, and deservedly so.”

We tip our hats for all these great opinions! Below is our new tune FAMILIAR SONG once again – many critics think of it as one of the best songs on the album, so you should really check it out. The album will be released in just 10 days so stay tuned!

New reviews on the coming album!

Some of the first opinions on our upcoming record GROW has just arrived…

From Spain comes this great review by Rock The Best Music. They really complement the album and give it a great score of 90/100!

Further, this is another review with some very good words, written by Dutch site New Underground Music. This quote sums up their opinion well:

Grow”, which is full of great hard rock songs, is a worthy successor to “Understand The World” and has become a must of the highest for any lover of this genre.

We tip our hats for these great reviews, and look forward for more to come! Here’s our DROWNING once again, be sure to check it out!

Celebration Days Festival!

In the wait for the new album, here’s some very good news: Three Seasons are coming to France!


Indeed – we have been confirmed for an appearance at the superb Celebration Days Festival! The festival takes place the 14th-16th of August in Cernoy, which is approx. one hour north of Paris.

This will be a great experience for sure, so don’t miss out! Get tickets if you can and we’ll see you there!

Pre-order the new album!

To make sure you get your hands on the album as early as possible, you can already go to Record Heaven and pre-order the CD right away! There is also the possibility to write an e-mail to and book your CDs or vinyls that way.

Here’s our brand new tune DROWNING once again, give it a listen if you haven’t already!

Here are the first sounds from the new album!

Finally, the first song from the upcoming album is now available for streaming! We can proudly show you DROWNING, a real wah-smeared rocker.

However, that’s not the end of it; the artwork for the album is ready as well! This one is created in a co-operation between the band and Linnéa Sidfäldt. As you can see, the album will be titled GROW.

ts-growMore updates on the new record will be coming very shortly – until then, enjoy this latest Three Seasons track (as loudly as possible)!