Vinyls have arrived…

The fourth Three Seasons album THINGS CHANGE is finally available on vinyl!

  • Standard black vinyl or *limited edition* on yellow/orange/white mixed vinyl!
  • Majestic gatefold of 350 gsm carton
  • First album with current line-up
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The long awaited Three Seasons album THINGS CHANGE is finally released! The vinyl record is ready for immediate order from Shiny Beast and very soon from the band. It is available as a regular black vinyl and as a limited, coloured edition on white/orange/yellow mixed vinyl. Vinyl is the prime medium for music, and this release is a must have for psychedelic rock fans!

23799900_1527360467300730_7934950103770151422_oOrder thru or:

Check out these songs from the album:



The production of the CD has unfortunately been delayed, and we’re doing our best to make sure that it arrives as soon as possible. In the meantime we hope you’ll enjoy this new vinyl record!!

New Song “BREAK DOWN, START OVER” now online!

The second song from the upcoming THINGS CHANGE album is now online! This one is called “Break Down, Start Over”, and it’s a rocking shuffle—check it out! Enjoy!

The release of the new album is getting closer every day now—be sure to pre-order it from our friends at Record Heaven or Clear Spot, or straight from the band at…

Stay tuned!!


Three Seasons are excited to announce that the release of the band’s fourth album, THINGS CHANGE, is coming up, and it is now available for pre-order. This album features an evolved sound of the band that has never been heard before, and constitutes an important milestone. It is a must have for fans of the powerful rock music of old.

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Stay tuned, as more info about this release will be coming up!

“In recent years, THREE SEASONS have made themselves known as one of the most exciting acts on the psychedelic blues rock scene. The band’s earlier work has been built on atmospheric melodies, intricate arrangements, and has often included musicians on Hammond organ or traditional Swedish folk music instruments. Their three albums have been celebrated by fans and media alike, resulting in several sold-out records, top placements on the charts, ecstatic reviews, and “Album of the Year” awards. But while this approach has undeniably been successful, the band is not content just staying the same. Things change, and rather than living on past achievements, the new Three Seasons album constitutes a renewal of the band’s sound. The music has moved towards that of a hard-hitting, right-in-your-face power trio, and although the influences from the good old days are still clear, they take a whole new shape in the band’s recent work. Sartez Faraj (lead vocals, guitar) and Olle Risberg (bass) have been joined by hugely experienced drummer Thomas Broman (ex. Glenn Hughes, John Norum, Michael Schenker etc.), and the band is now releasing the new album ‘Things Change’.”